Master Blanker UT

Master Blanker entry model "UT"

The Master Blanker UT is high-speed blanking machine that features automated removal, which used to be done by hand.
Cost effective basic machine without automatic palletizer.
Master Blanker UT
The Master Blanker UT blanking system offers semi-automated waste removal, at a lower cost and in a more compact space than the previous series, while maintaining our consistently high level of quality. This system uses a proprietary pin system for blanking of even smaller products, significantly reducing paper dust compared to regular waste removal by hand or by using electric tools. The Master Blanker UT handles mixed, small-lot production to meet industrial needs with speed.
Master Blanker UT


One pallet is completed in 11 minutes.2 pallets (7,000 sheets) per 1 hour.
This calculation is based on paper thickness of carton board as 0.4mm.

UT saves 1 workers.
These productivity may change depends on job.

  • Paper Size: 1,100mm x 800mm
  • Unit Size: 1,700 mm (W) x 3,657 mm (D)
  • Unite height: 2,250 mm
  • Material: Paper, Card board,IML(In-mold label), PP(polypropylene)
High productivity

High productivity

The Master Blanker UT improves waste removal processing efficiency by 2.4 times.Blanking can be done in cycles of approximately 25 seconds*.
Since the product is unloaded to where the worker is, the worker can do both blanking and inspection by themselves. Changing jobs only takes five minutes (setting of the template and pins). This offers a high rate of operations even for mixed, small-lot jobs, and makes production more efcient.

Reduced costs,Easy operation

Low cost, compact space

The new Master Blanker UT retains the same high blanking performance of the previous series, while offering a high level of cost performance. This system requires a smaller amount of space, owing to its compact design and reduced work area.
Although the MB UT is an entry-level model, it still provides the same device structure as the previous series, making it durable without the need for frequent repairs, and keeping down time to a bare minimum. The new system delivers a higher level of productivity.

Master Blanker UT


No additional options available for model UT.

Blanking System

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Eliminates paper dust

Single person operation, cost saver


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